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Why do you need SPARK3D?

Typical approaches to determine the RF Breakdown power level of any component are based on pseudo-analytical approaches which are, by nature, extremely conservative. SPARK3D is based on advanced methods which analyse the breakdown phenomena considering the complexity of the phenomena involved. As a consequence, by using SPARK3D realistic breakdown power levels are obtained, improving significantly the design margins. This may avoid the need to perform high power tests which automatically results in a huge savings of costs. Indeed, just avoiding one single high power test would justify the acquisition of the software and its maintenance for many years.


SPARK3D is a unique simulation tool capable to determine the Breakdown power level in a wide variety of passive devices. By importing the Electromagnetic field from some of the most well-known EM commercial solvers, SPARK3D is able to analyse vacuum breakdown (multipactor) and gas discharge. As outcome, the maximum power that the device can handle without developing a discharge is provided.

Thanks to its coupling to commercial tools, it is highly flexible and versatile allowing the analysis of any type of components based on a wide range of technologies such as cavities, waveguides, microstrip, antenna, etc. Moreover SPARK3D can be easily extended to be used by other software tools.

SPARK3D is a module of FEST3D that can be also acquired as an stand-alone program.


SPARK3D has several features in order to better analyse high power effects in devices:

   - Imports ANSYS® HFSS™ EM fields to perform high power simulations.
   - Imports CST 2012 Microwave Studio® to perform high power simulations.
   - Imports FEKO 6.2 to perform high power simulations.
   - Imported EM fields can be visualized.
   - Analysis boxes can be defined in order to choose the critical regions to be analysed.
   - CAD-like and intuitive graphical interface to the user. The user can easily import the EM field,
     launch the 3D CAD viewer,run different type of simulations, etc.
   - Real-time output interface with rich simulation data, in table, plot and 3D view forms, for each particular region.
   - Compare regions feature allows for easily visualizing the results of all analysis regions at a time.

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